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Month: December 2016

My Assessment Template

In my last post, I wrote about a rubric creator that could be used to quickly populate the fields of a rubric for an assessment.  I promised in that post that I would explain how to use that tool to quickly create assessments or projects for our students with a standards based rubric for assessing.

In order to do that, we need to look at the Assignment Sheet Template that I’ve created and how that works to create dynamic, standards based assessments for our classes.

There are 5 sections on the template, and each one of those sections is crucial to student success.

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The Rubric Creator

In my last post,  I introduced the idea of creating a master rubric, and I suggested some strategies for creating that rubric using the RTI model.   The next step with the master rubric is to be able to use it to create assessments that evaluate one or more standards.

While it is very possible and fairly simple to copy and paste standards from the master rubric into an assessment rubric, Google Spreadsheets can easily be used as a database and deliver content seamlessly to other spreadsheets when properly configured.  To showcase this, I have created a “Rubric Creator” that will easily pull the criteria for only the standards that you want and leave out the standards that you don’t.

To get the Rubric Creator, go to my SBG Materials page or get it directly here.

Once you have opened the spreadsheet, go to File > Make a Copy in order to have an editable copy to use.

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