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Month: January 2017

Setting up the Gradebook

In my last post, I demonstrated the standards-based gradebook that I created using Google Sheets.  Over the next few posts (hopefully without 2 weeks between each), I will demonstrate how to set up and use this gradebook to its fullest.  I am continually adding to the gradebook, and I will share those additions as they happen.

The video above and the directions below should be all that you need to get started using the 3D, standards-based gradebook.

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The 3D Gradebook

When I first started contemplating using standards based grading in my classroom, I realized that my traditional gradebook would be insufficient for my needs because it doesn’t allow for the complexity needed in a standards based system.

A traditional classroom gradebook, whether it is online or on paper has two axes representing students and assignments as shown in the graphic above.  However, a standards based grading system requires that we add a 3rd axis representing standards.

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