In my last post, I wrote about a rubric creator that could be used to quickly populate the fields of a rubric for an assessment.  I promised in that post that I would explain how to use that tool to quickly create assessments or projects for our students with a standards based rubric for assessing.

In order to do that, we need to look at the Assignment Sheet Template that I’ve created and how that works to create dynamic, standards based assessments for our classes.

There are 5 sections on the template, and each one of those sections is crucial to student success.


I look at objectives as showing the real time, assignment specific goals that I want the students to learn.  What are we covering in class, and how can they show that they have learned it?  By separating that from the standards that are more big picture, whole class goals, students can drill down and really know what it is they are supposed to accomplish with this assignment.


What are the large learning goals that students will be assessed on for this assignment?  These standards should be taken from the list of standards that you created and correspond with entries on your master rubric.  These can be quickly copied and pasted from the Rubric Creator by selecting the index and standard on the Rubric Creator, pressing ctrl + c to copy, and ctrl + shift + v to paste and retain the formatting of the template.  This is much faster than copying and pasting each individual standard.

Assignment Description

This section is where you put step-by-step instructions on how to do the assignment.  Be as specific as possible.  I like to use a numbered list in this section to provide information in the most logical way possible.


This section is a checklist of the minimum requirements for the students.  If the students do not complete all of the must-haves, I give the assignment back to them and make them complete it.


This last section is where the Rubric Creator really comes in handy.  Copy the rubric from the creator, and then paste it into the preformatted template at the bottom of the assignment template using ctrl + v.

Here are a couple of assignments that I have created using this template to show how it works.  Enjoy!

Medea Essay Assignment Sheet

Into the Wild Essay

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