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Setting up the Gradebook

In my last post, I demonstrated the standards-based gradebook that I created using Google Sheets.  Over the next few posts (hopefully without 2 weeks between each), I will demonstrate how to set up and use this gradebook to its fullest.  I am continually adding to the gradebook, and I will share those additions as they happen.

The video above and the directions below should be all that you need to get started using the 3D, standards-based gradebook.

  1. Go to https://goo.gl/0CLw2J or access the 3D Gradebook Template folder from my SBG Materials page.
  2. Open the “3D Gradebook Template”
  3. Go to File > Make a Copy (If it is grayed out, you need to log in with your GApps account).
  4. Name the document and put it in the correct folder.
  5. Type in your roster in Column A of the roster sheet, starting on row 5.
  6. Select your roster (click on the first name; then shift-click on the last name).
  7. Go to Data > Named Ranges.
  8. In the dialogue that opens on the side, type the word “students” (no caps!) and press enter.
  9. Add student email addresses in Column B, parent/guardian names in Column F, parent/guardian email addresses in Column G, and parent/guardian phone numbers in Column H.
  10. Add your standards with index numbers (ie. Reading Standard 1 would be “R1”) to the Standards sheet.  You will use the indexes to reference standards throughout the sheet, so make them user friendly.
  11. Go to the “Student Template” sheet.
  12. Format the template however you want: add color to the header, change fonts, change centering and formatting, etc.
  13. Delete any unused rows at the bottom.
  14. Hide row 3 (don’t delete!!)
  15. Go to Scripts > Student Sheets
  16. Give the script permission and let it run.
  17. Go to Scripts > Color Tabs
  18. On the Roster sheet, copy the formula in C4 down to the end of your roster.
  19. Do the same for the formula in D4, E4, and I4 (copy them one column at a time since they all depend on each other).
  20. For increased performance, it is wise to copy the values in columns C-E and paste them back as values instead of formulas (Ctrl – Shift – v).
  21. Hide row 4 on the “Roster” sheet
  22. Go to the “Standards Data” sheet and copy the formula from cell B3 to the right and down to encompass all of your standards and students.  Hide row 2.
  23. Your sheet is ready to use.  Add any colors and formatting that you’d like.
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  1. I’m looking into using SBG for one of my classes and this looks really useful, so thanks for sharing it Jeff.

    Can I ask why it’s necessary to add in a named range for each assessment and why it seems crucial to name the range after what you’ve entered as the assessment’s name?

    • Jeff Winget

      April 21, 2017 at 1:48 pm

      I’m slow to get back to you. The formulas that pull the data into the student sheets use named ranges. That’s why it’s necessary and why they need to be named that way.

  2. Hi Jeff. I am setting up the grade book and have followed the instructions but am running into some problems. I put in some test numbers (1, 2, 3, or 4) into the assessment data but nothing is showing up for the standards data or for the student grades in their individual tabs. It says they are missing the assignment. Do you have a troubleshooting guide? I can send you a screenshot if that might help. Thanks for setting this up. I hope that I can get it to work because it seems like a good solution.

  3. I have started setting up your 3d gradebook using the template. I need some next steps assistance for the “assessment data” tab. I need some guidance on how to enter assessments and scores so they will transfer to the other tabs including the student reports. Thanks so much in advance!

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