When I first started contemplating using standards based grading in my classroom, I realized that my traditional gradebook would be insufficient for my needs because it doesn’t allow for the complexity needed in a standards based system.

A traditional classroom gradebook, whether it is online or on paper has two axes representing students and assignments as shown in the graphic above.  However, a standards based grading system requires that we add a 3rd axis representing standards.

This three dimensional gradebook allows for the teacher to give feedback in different ways based on both the assignment and the standards assessed by that assignment.  Unfortunately, there are few options for this type of gradebook out there, and the ones that there are are either expensive, clunky, or both.  Furthermore, since I’m the only teacher in my school who uses standards based grading, purchasing a license to a standards based gradebook was unlikely to happen, so I did what any good geek would do.  I built one on a free, robust platform: Google Sheets.

Over the next few posts, I will demonstrate the ins and outs of setting up and using this gradebook to its fullest, but for this post and video, I just wanted to demonstrate its functionality and capabilities.  I have found it to be a robust and simple solution to the problem of managing standards based grades, and I’m excited to share it.

Please watch the video above for a demonstration of the gradebook.

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