In my last post,  I introduced the idea of creating a master rubric, and I suggested some strategies for creating that rubric using the RTI model.   The next step with the master rubric is to be able to use it to create assessments that evaluate one or more standards.

While it is very possible and fairly simple to copy and paste standards from the master rubric into an assessment rubric, Google Spreadsheets can easily be used as a database and deliver content seamlessly to other spreadsheets when properly configured.  To showcase this, I have created a “Rubric Creator” that will easily pull the criteria for only the standards that you want and leave out the standards that you don’t.

To get the Rubric Creator, go to my SBG Materials page or get it directly here.

Once you have opened the spreadsheet, go to File > Make a Copy in order to have an editable copy to use.

In order to make the Rubric Creator work, you need to copy and paste the spreadsheet key from your master rubric into cell B1.  The spreadsheet key is the string in between the “d/” and the “/edit” in the spreadsheet URL.  For example in the URL

the bold, underlined section is the key.  Once you have copied and pasted the key into B1, you will be asked to link the spreadsheets by clicking on cell A2, which will display an error.

Once the Rubric Creator is linked to your master rubric, all you have to do is put the index of one of your standards in column A, and the rest of the information from that standard will appear, allowing you to quickly create a rubric with multiple standards that is laid out in the order that you want for your assessment.

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